Massage Balm Tendo-Actif



Thanks to its synergy of essential oils, this professional massage balm is highly efficient to treat tendinitis and body aches. It contains the following essential oils: laurel, wintergreen and rosemary in base made from cocoa butter, Shea butter and all natural waxes. It is a natural product that helps to maintain the tendons supple.

Active ingredients

  • Laurel essential oil: Analgesic and anti-neuralgic properties.
  • Rosemary essential oil: It relieves joint pain and rheumatism.
  • Wintergreen essential oil: Powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to treat tendinitis and body aches.
  • Shea butter: With healing properties, it deeply moisturizes and makes the skin supple.
  • Cocoa butter: It is a dryer butter that allows for a deeper massage.
Poids 1 lbs

300 g / 10 oz

UGS : 10-687 Catégorie: