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The story of BioOrigin began 15 years ago when founder Julie Lafrance met massage therapists at a trade show in New York. While talking with them, one thing immediately jumped out at her: almost all massage therapists had damaged and dry hands due to the poor quality of the products they used daily.

Back in Quebec, Julie, with her twenty years of experience in the cosmetics industry, decided to develop a line of products to take care of massage therapists’ hands. To do so, she surrounded herself with a team of experts composed of chemists and certified massage therapists (RMT) to develop an effective, sensory, long-lasting, and most important, safe formula.

Samples were then distributed to more than three hundred therapists across Canada. After a few months, the result is undeniable: BioOrigin massage gel is effective, innovative, and, above all, safe for the skin and the hands of professionals.

Our secret: quality ingredients carefully selected from certified suppliers. No irritants, such as parabens or mineral oils, no synthetic fragrances, or perfumes.

Today, Julie, now joined by her daughter Florence, is in daily contact with massage therapists across North America to develop products that meet their ever-changing needs. Moreover, the recent formulas are now clinically proven to be hypoallergenic and vegan. 

BioOrigin is a story of passion, family, and above all, love for massage therapy!

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