Cosmetics Market: A New World of Thought

The cosmetics industry is going through a big transition. In this very demanding market, the “product story” must be captivating, engaging and has to bring competitive advantages. That’s why an innovative, flexible and comprehensive approach is highly needed.

Mineral Origin is your best partner in this new era.

We are specialized in high-end skincare products, experiences and concepts. We help you to create products that sell, to set your brand apart and to increase your reputation among your own customers!

We not only develop formulas and find raw materials that will bring performance to the formulated product within your budget, but we also create products that are marketing and sales driven for your brand. We strive to find and create combinations that will make you succeed.

We are very creative and always come up with “outside the box” ideas. We keep abreast of leading-edge trends. We are renowned for our new ideas, concepts, raw materials, packaging, and branding.

“Our clients know that we are flexible and versatile, that we have the right equipment for any type of product, but most of all, they really know that we have the best people!”

-Julie Lafrance, Mineral Origin Founder and CEO

Our dedicated team is composed of professional of the industry chemist and technical adviser with over 25 years of experience as well as marketing and sales specialists who have the knowledge to assist and guide you through every step of every project. We invest our passion and experience to consistently exceed your expectations. We are hands-on and are proud to develop and deliver success product stories.

It’s All About the “Story”

Our formulas are effective, sensorial, sustainable, and safe, providing visible results with the utmost pleasure of use.

But beyond all that, we believe that the foundation, the root, the cornerstone of a successful skincare product is its story because it is with great stories that we sell products. We put our marketing expertise as an essential ingredient inside each of our formulas. We will help you to find what is your product’s story about and we will help you to tell an exceptional story to your customers!

Technology & High Quality

We think that our customers must benefit from the latest technologies to be competitive. Our goal is to be at the forefront of the latest innovations in our industry.

Our equipment allows us to create any type and any size of cosmetic products, very complex emulsions, very complex systems, and amazing textures.

We only manufacture products under the highest quality standards. You can count on us to assure a very consistent reproducibility and stability.

We work with strategic partners who are all leaders in their own fields. Our suppliers can offer us exclusive raw materials, like our Pristine Canadian Pink Salt.

Nature & Technology

When nature and technology merge, wonderful things happen…

We have developed a unique expertise in the formulation of high-tech skincare products that integrate the richness of mother nature. If needed, our clients can capitalize on the trend for natural, botanical ingredients that are also powerful and effective.

Cooperation & Relationships

We have a culture of cooperation and proximity as well as a very transparent relationship with our clients. We believe that human-based partnerships make us more proactive and help us to better understand our client’s true needs.

This value has earned us with a strong trustable and reliable reputation. Our faithful clients are our best ambassadors; our growth comes from on a word-of-mouth referral.

Mineral Origin Inc. has been created in 2002, in order to serve a niche of the personal care industry (skincare): high-end products and luxury formulas with special attention to marketing.

The development of efficient production methods, scientific expertise and a unique position in the market have allowed Mineral Origin to take its place among the leaders in the development of signature products and tailor-made spa treatments in the Canadian cosmetics and SPA industries.

Mineral Origin has designed several signature product lines for Spas and Dermo-Cosmetics leading brands across Canada.

BioOrigin Experience – Massage Therapy Brand

Our own brand, BioOrigin Experience, is a Leading Brand in Massage Therapy Products and Spa professionals most trusted brand for 10 years.

BioOrigin Massage is used in the most high-end Spas across Canada and benefits from a large following amongst Massage therapists.

Today, BioOrigin is distributed from Cost-to-Cost by leaders of the Industry.

Our Founder and CEO

Julie Lafrance founded Mineral Origin in 2002 to develop her own formulas and products for the cosmetic market and the spa industry. Prior to that, Julie served as Marketing Director for Clarins Canada and Decléor North America.

Julie, by nature, is a zealous entrepreneur; her business acumen and vision combined with a keen eye for future trends have accelerated her company’s growth making Mineral Origin one of the dominating firms in Canada, concentrating on the spa market and signature products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advise and educate our clients about their products compositions and benefits. We want to work hand in hand with them to enable them to have a wide and clear understanding of their possibilities and make the most informed choices.

We aim to stand out as an upstanding company, specializing in high-quality, therapeutic and performance skincare products. We want to be a point of reference, a source of trust and reliability.

Our Passion for the Cosmetics Industry

Imagination, Expertise, Knowledge, Experience, Rigor, Research, Innovation, Creativity and Technology.

Core values that drive our passion for the world of cosmetic manufacturing and fuel our creativity for the formulation of unique, effective and top selling products.

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