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Make your work more enjoyable and easy.

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Create products that meet your expectations.

Give your clients a multisensory experience thanks to our aromatherapy synergy.

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BIO ORIGIN®… originality, authenticity, and innovation, core values that drive our passion for the world of spa and fuel our creativity for the formulation of unique and effective massage and body products. We take great pride in our MADE IN CANADA creed, a heritage that rests in the abundance of our pristine and natural resources, our national commitment to sustainability, and our desire to share our Canadian spirit of friendliness and “joie de vivre”.

Based on a foundation that directs our commitment to excellence, every formula is developed and tested with a strict set of guidelines that ensures product performance and supreme results.

Product testing with principle – we are dedicated to “cruelty-free” products, no animal testing is allowed. To test our products, our founder has partnered with leading spas to utilize their massage and body teams to assess product effectiveness, results, and ease of use.

Sustainability with sincerity – from the viability of our eco-friendly products and packaging to the best practices adhered to by our team, we are committed to protecting our environment. It is not simply our concern but an observance, a respect, and our way of life.

Ingredients with integrity – all of our formulas contain state-of-the-art ingredients at optimal doses and derived from natural plant and exclusive mineral sources, not those from animal or petroleum. Leaning on the most current scientific studies, our ingredient selections offer uncompromising results and proven integrity in our formulas. No harsh ingredients are used such as parabens, mineral oils, or sodium laureth sulfate.

Formulas with distinction – our formulas are effective, sensorial, sustainable, and safe, providing therapeutic and healing results with the utmost pleasure for the spa guest and the spa professional. Selected formulas provide water-solubility to ensure stain-free linens, are non-greasy for ease of application and pleasure of use, and are hypo-allergenic guaranteeing safety for the consumer.

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