Official Notice – COVID-19

Subject: Message from our President regarding the COVID-19 pandemic


To all our customers,

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly changed our lives, our businesses and our supply chains. In these unprecedented times, stress and worry can weigh heavily on all of us, so we want to make sure that our top priority remains the well-being of our customers and our team members.
Our company is part of the critical supply chain because we provide essential disinfection and cleaning ingredients.
We want to confirm that we will continue to produce disinfectant gel and related products such as disinfectant alcohol spray and hand soaps. We have implemented supply systems that allow us to respond to demand quickly.
We follow the advice of global health experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to prevent the spread. of COVID-19.
We are extremely proud of the members of our team who have worked tirelessly to prepare your orders for essential products.

Very sincerely,


Julie Lafrance
Founder BioOrigin