BODY SATINAGE – Exfoliating Powder – 100% Pure Canadian Pink Salt 10 lbs


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EXCLUSIVE Pure Pristine Canadian Pink Salt – BODY SATINAGE – Exfoliating Mineral Powder

3,000 feet below the Canadian prairie landscape lays a 100% natural bed of a unique and extraordinary mineral crystal: the Pink Canadian Salt, so pristine, that it was only touched by Mother Nature itself until now. The task of bringing these immaculate minerals back to light is like finding lost treasure deep below the earth’s surface.

After years of research and product development in our laboratories, we embarked on an intensive testing program utilizing lead therapists from the spa industry to rigorously test our products. The results: The exfoliating, nourishing and hydrating properties of these minerals prove to be exceptionally healing to spa guests and therapists.

If you like Himalayan Pink Salt, you have to try the Canadian Pink Salt, you’ll be totally won over!

This natural resource is unique in Canada, exclusive to BioOrigin and Ecocert certified!

Texture: Fine Grains Powder

Size: 10 lbs

Recommended for: Body Exfoliation, Mineral Bath.

Main Benefits: Nourishing, Firming, Balancing.

  • Acts as a natural skin toner
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Helps maintain a healthy skin thanks to its natural nourishing minerals.
  • Natural cleanser – helps maintain hydration

Key Ingredients: Naturally contains magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Complete Ingredients List: Exclusive 100% Pure % Natural Canadian Pink Salt.

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